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    6000 tons universal hydraulic machine
    Φ 15241524 large Elbow push machine

    Φ 530Elbow cold push machine
    Φ325Tee way cold push machine

    Sawing machine

    1600TPush machine
    Φ1500Pipe end beveling machine

    Sand blasting
    Extra large heat treatment furnace

    Technical force: 136 professional technical personnel. Of which senior 12 people, intermediate 36 people, junior 83; senior technical consultant to hire 5 people. Testing equipment, with domestic and international more advanced physical and chemical, metallurgical, nondestructive testing, hydrostatic testing, materials testing, equipment more than 100 sets. All the personnel who have been engaged in the inspection have been professionally trained and have obtained the qualification certificate for the relevant departments of the province and the country. Has been with nuclear power, thermal power, petrochemical, natural gas pipeline Research Institute, Design Institute, etc. signed a cooperation agreement, common research and development of domestic blank products.
    Company address:South Industrial Zone of Yanshan County, Hebei Province
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