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  • Seek better partners to establish long-term and stable cooperation

    time:2015/4/27 16:20:14
    China Offshore Oil Corporation (referred to as CNOOC), a leader of the company, the East fine chemical industry leader to investigate.
    The station (Ministry of Commerce Wang Kuo) in April 18th morning, the Chinese Offshore Oil Corporation (referred to as CNOOC) a line of leadership, the East Fine Chemical leadership to the company to investigate. De Qing Zhao, chairman and general manager, deputy general manager Sun Wenda, chief engineer and deputy general manager Meng Qingyun, assistant general manager Chen Song, business manager Xie Lianjun, Minister of Commerce Wang Kuo, technology department vice minister Hong Yu Zhao, company leadership enthusiastic reception guests and accompanied the expedition. The guests first heard Mr. De Qing Zhao introduction on the related performance of the heavy sea, such as the sea heavy once delivery of Shenzhen and Shanghai LNG project. Then, the guests a detailed study of the press shop, shop, shop, stainless steel piping baking workshop and R & D center. CNOOC is the heavy industries and old customers. In 2008, the company provides a large number of high-quality products for CNOOC's Huizhou refinery project. The guests to the sea changes heavy industry in recent years, especially the change of production capacity and management level highly. Guests said: we visit, mainly to seek better partners in order to build long-term stable cooperation in the future of some of the projects.
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